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The Blue Door

As I slipped out the screen door Granny caught me by the shirt-collar, “I gotta job for you, boy” she said. Marching me around the house on the upward slope of the hillside, the kudzu was thick, and my feet tangled as she marched me along. “Not so rough, Gran!” I pleaded. … Continue reading

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Praise for Rocky

“Rocky Kidd gives me hope… Listen to him.” – Jim Wallis, New York Times Best-selling author of God’s Politics.

“Rocky Kidd understands…the freedom required for faithful struggle.” – Edward Said Scholar Activist Award winner, Bill Wylie Kellermann, author of Seasons of Faith and Conscience.

“Rocky…has been animated by the vision of radical discipleship. He is a forceful spokesperson for the challenges the gospel makes upon it.” – Catholic Press Association Book Award winner, and author of Binding the Strong Man, Ched Myers.